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Best tools to customization your desktop Tháng Tư 1, 2011

Posted by peter in web.
25 extremely desktop.
25 cong cu tuy bien ban lam viec cho may tinh cua ban.
clipped from visionwidget.com

If you’re not keen on the cookie-cutter appearance of your OS or windows, we’ve covered a handful of great tools for tweaking every last pixel of your desktop so it looks and acts just how you want. These are all small things that can be changed to make the desktop experience more desirable, cutom and geared to our own interests.

In this Post collection of a few extremely desktop inspired customize, some users have designed some absolutely stunning creations Using some desktop tweaking software such as Rainmeter, Object Dock, Rainlende and others.

             1. Room of Shapes by: A State Of Flux

Room of Shapes

             2. Faded and Desaturated by: rykennedyan

Faded and Desaturated

             3. dylan lee Desktop

dylan lee Desktop

             4. Jacksterson’s Requium

Jacksterson’s Requium

             5. Windows Seven by: nh0j

Windows Seven

             6. nath162 Desktop

nath162 Desktop

             7. y v e s – h u y – t r u o n Desktop

y v e s – h u y – t r u o n Desktop

             8. merindab Desktop

merindab Desktop

             9. Home Server Desktop by: GuimiAlfaro

Home Server Desktop 1

             10. My Current Desktop by: AlwafaPrince

My Current Desktop

             11. Water Droplet Desktopby: nh0j

Water Droplet Desktop

The Mac Meets Windows Dual-Desktop

Desktop JUNE 2009

Come Together

Lonestar Desktop

Windows Desktop in Monochrome

juanplay7 Desktop

White Out

Black + White

Lightning Sunset (Desktop 12)

Fanta Morgana (Desktop 16)

Windows 7 Desktop



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