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20 irresistible gadgets . Tháng Hai 22, 2009

Posted by peter in web.
These gadgets are prototypes or simply concepts , may be somebody will put them into production . ( that’s what makes them irresistible.)
clipped from www.creativecloseup.com

20 Irresistible Gadgets You’d Love to Own

These gadgets are so cool that they will make you drool in desire. Sadly most of them are prototypes or simply concepts, but sooner or later somebody will put them into production, hopefully.

The big question is how far would you go to buy any of these. None of these gadgets or decor items will ever make it into your shopping list. And that’s what makes them irresistible.

Enough. Go get some of these now, you know you want them!

Toaster printer
» Scan Toaster Printer:

» Muwi, automated mower:

Tetris Tiles
» Tetris Tiles:

» Compose, automatic music transcriber:

Optimus Tactus OLED keyboard
» Optimus Tactus OLED Keyboard:

Bath safeguard
» Bath Safeguard, temperature measuring device:

Alien vs. Predator Chess
» Alien vs. Predator chess:

» DYMO DiscPainter:

iPod mixer
» iDJ compact mixing console for Apple iPod:

Usb turntable with iPod dock
» TTi USB Turntable with Pitch Control and Universal Dock:

Super Mario wall decals
» Super Mario wall decals:

Paper background
» Pea Speaker:


Finger drummer mousepad
» The Finger Drummer mousepad:

Paper background
» Electrolux Flatshare Fridge:

Paper background
» VUZIX iWear AV920:

Bandai Luminodot
» Bandai Luminodot:
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