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30 Unforgettable Christmas Advertisements Around the World Tháng Mười Hai 27, 2008

Posted by peter in web.
clipped from www.weirdresources.com

Mazda: Christmas Tree, 2007

Publicis: Christmas

McDonald’s: Merry Christmas

Tide Christmas

Suzuki Swift: Christmas

Bola Amiga

Mercedes-Benz: Christmas tree

Pfizer: Ashtray

Christmas card for “be!” – producer of clothes for children & pregnant women, 2007

Whispering lips by IrinaH

CreAds Christmas Pencil

Santa Claus

Christmas of Rio Sul Mall: Two

Translation is something like “Colors to the finest tone”, By Damjan Stankovic

What i want for christmas

British Airways: Embrace

Almere Vandaag: Christmas ball origami

Volkswagen “Flake”

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