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10 Most Creative & Amazing Concept Gadget Designs Tháng Ba 4, 2008

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10 Most Creative and Amazing Concept Gadget Designs


Life is all about technology and gadgets now. It is an interesting observation that now concept gadget designs are given more importance and consideration than those that exist in real. Perhaps the reason for this is the fast pace of human evolution and our ability to get as much diverse as possible.

Over the past year I have come across some amazing concept gadget designs some of which have the ability to make it to production while some are so idealistic that we may not see them in reality even in the next 100 years but in all cases the ideals are really cool and mind blowing. Check them out:


1. Mobile Phone Instant Concept

2. Swatch “Infinity” Concept Watch


3. Nokia Aeon Concept


4. Napkin PC


5. Vista Fridge Magnet Concept

6. Nokia 888 Social Phone Concept

7. Solar Powered Notebook Concept


8. iRing


9. Vaio Zoom

10. P-Per Concept Mobile

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