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World Press Photo Awards for 2007 ( trao giai 2008) Tháng Hai 10, 2008

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Ban co the xem them tron bo cac anh doat giai theo URL Blogoscoped.com.
V khổ của Clipmarks c giới hạn ,khng lấy hết cc ảnh về.
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World Press Photo Awards for 2007

All photos used with permission from the World Press Photo organization. The winners were announced in 2008.

World Press Photo of the Year 2007
Tim Hetherington, UK, for Vanity Fair
American soldier resting at bunker, Korengal Valley, Afghanistan, 16 September

1st prize Spot News Singles
John Moore, USA, Reportage by Getty Images
Assassination of Benazir Bhutto, Rawalpindi, Pakistan, 27 December

2nd prize Spot News Stories
Roberto Schmidt, Colombia/Germany, Agence France-Presse
Kenya election unrest, Nairobi, 29-31 December

2nd prize General News Singles
Stanley Greene, USA, Noor
Attack plan drawn in sand, Chad-Sudan border, January

1st prize General News Stories
Balazs Gardi, Hungary, VII Network
Operation Rock Avalanche, Afghanistan, October

1st prize People in the News Singles
Yonathan Weitzman, Israel
Dress of an African girl caught in the Israel/Egypt border fence, 20 August

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