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Flash software:Translate to Vietnamese project Tháng Bảy 23, 2006

Posted by peter in Blogroll, Flash, swf.

We’re in Vietnam before the WTO ! all business must be growing ?

We’ld like to represent here an excellent development from you ( Bytescout.com ; geovid.com ;mochibot.com… ) the most usefull for flash design software that has been interesting by Vietnamese users in the past from now and to the near future .

Although I’m an English /French & Vietnamese speaker, I still appreciate the effort you’re putting into our “magic2Flash” a Vn’s Translate project ,and we promises to there ‘s the only one project for the user in Vietnam . “magic2flash-vn” a good job supporting everyone, but not just our users by us English !

The last post on “magic2flashweblog.ning.com” really reminded me just how many of our bloggers are inside. As we’ve explored more and more ways to allow flash software to express helpself in our language of choice, the thundering request has always been for a way to translate the more applicable software and static parts of your’s .

Well here we are.

I worked on a few years ago with our group from iT education with Vnnet,vnnews,pcworld-vn’s ; echip-vn’s magazine… and made public a new tool that will allow flash-user vn’s  to do just what you’ve been taking for our translate of your free-software on featuring and using project .In the future for share-ware and prepaid to buy direct from you ,from your site in vietnamese speakers.!

 The easiest way to Vietnamese users for Flash design is to study magic2flash and not to have Macromedia study,because our site training for free and maybe to paid only to the software if there are in Vietnamese language .(If you want to learn more about technical translation, check this page out: http://magic2flashweblog.ning.com or http://my.opera.com/magic2flash/blog )

We’ve even made a cool ranking page so you can see which language is winning.

That’s it! We’ll review the translation and then periodically push it live to magic2flash.com for everyone to enjoy. Everything is need for we works better’s ; so we know who to thank and having the support from now .We ’d love to hear your ideas for how we can expand this in the comments,or contact direct to our representative email : nguyentruong.eng@gmail.com 
This isn’t yet live on wordpress.com but should be soon. If you use wordpress.com and want to help with our translation project, head over to magic2flashvn.wordpress.com 

The magic2flash training utilities vietnamese speakers in Hcm.Vietnam

Amagic2flash Vietnamese’s site Worldpress.com


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1. magic2flashvn - Tháng Bảy 23, 2006

Project of translate in to Vietnamese language ,meet for FLASH Design freesoftware : BYTESCOUT.com , Geovit.com , mochiBot.com …
contact direct to the rep , email : nguyentruong.eng@gmail.com

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